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Top 5 Things to Look After When Selling Your Property

Selling your property isn’t an easy task in today’s squeezed market. Rising interest rates and property prices eliminate many buyers every year. So, owners must ensure everything is tip-top when listing the property for sale. Whether your property needs foundation underpinning or plumbing repair works, getting everything done before selling can get you the desired outcome.

Some common problems plague older properties. However, looking after them before selling will not only get higher offers but will ensure a quick sale as well. Many buyers will be deterred when a property in question has a bad smell or has underfloor issues. So, here are some of the most important things to look after in your property when selling it:

1: Sort Out All the Plumbing Before Getting Visits

Plumbing problems are some of the biggest put-offs for buyers. There can be many problems with the plumbing. Leaking underground pipes or clogged drains are major concerns. Also, many people wouldn’t know this but foundation problems can contribute to plumbing issues as well.

So, whether your property needs foundation underpinning or leaking underground pipes replacement, make sure to get it done quickly. Problems with the plumbing can plunge property prices so much below market value. These are very easy to spot by professionals as well.

Not only will buyers avoid making offers for properties with plumbing problems, but even if you do get offers, they will be much lower than what you can get. So, give your plumbing contractor a call or get foundation repairs done to make sure everything is up to speed.

2: Get Rid of Bad Smells and Make Sure Subfloors Are in Good Condition

Sellers almost all the time become buyers very soon. You don’t want the property you are looking at to have bad smells of any kind, would you? Similarly, buyers interested in your property wouldn’t want them either. So, get all kinds of bad smells fixed before getting visits.

Usually, the cause of bad smells in many properties is the subfloor condition. Rotting subfloor or flooded ones tends to produce disgusting bad smells. Also, pest infestations become an issue when you have rotting subfloor or ones that have leaking water underneath.

You’d be surprised to find out how many subfloor issues have to do with foundation issues. Getting proper foundation underpinning and repair works done will sort out many subfloor issues. Also, get pest removal from the subfloor while it is getting worked on as well.

3: Repair/Fix the Foundation Before Buyers Start Seeing the Property

Sinking foundations, damaged foundation stumps, and rotting ones can be very bad for the health of your property. Not only can these issues cause structural risks but cracks in walls can soon appear as well. Older properties with wooden foundation stumps will often get issues like these.

So, make sure to get all foundation problems fixed before listing your property. Hire foundation underpinning contractors and get the damaged stumps replaced with stronger materials. Restumping or underpinning may be required to improve the foundation strength.

Whatever is required, make sure to do it before getting visits. Also, evaluators will decrease the value if your property has foundation problems. The money you need to invest will be repaid fully when you get better offers for the property.

4: Improve the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays a vital role in your property’s value. This is where value is made or lost for many properties. Whether you have a townhouse or a detached house, how passersby perceive it will be very important. Exterior wall paint, roofing condition, and everything else will be important.

Also, if you have a driveway, how it looks will be important. So, make sure to sort out all these if the curb appeal isn’t your property’s best feature. A quick exterior repaint and roofing repair might be in order when looking to sell at higher prices.

Curb appeal is vital when you want better offers. Also, this is the time to improve the paint scheme of your property as well. When owning it, you will settle for something that looks a bit dated as well. However, new buyers will not. Give them every reason to make better offers.

5: Get It Evaluated by Professionals and Do No Compromise

The first step you need to take is to get your property evaluated by professionals. What you think or what your friends and family tell you might not be an accurate representation of the actual value of the property. Professional evaluators are there for a reason and will provide services when you need them.

However, make sure to get the plumbing fixed or foundation underpinning if required before you get the evaluation. Make the property look good on the exterior and interior as well. Do what you need to increase the evaluation price. This will help get much better offers.

Additionally, when you get an evaluation, make sure to stick to the value presented. You will get many low-ball offers that will try to buy it off you for lower prices. Ignore them and wait for the right offer. If you can be patient enough, the right offer will eventually come your way.

Why Does It Matter?

So, why does it all matter? Found underpinning, plumbing fixes, subfloor repairs, and curb appeal improvement are all important factors when selling your property. You’d surely have a price in mind. The best way to achieve that price and even go beyond it is to have your property in good condition.

Properties that look and feel right, often get bidding wars as well. So, to encourage bidding wars, get things right with it. Also, bidding wars have the ability to up the price of any property as well. The money you need to spend on getting things right will be repaid with better deals for the property.

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