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Structural Integrity Concerns – Restumping Can Add More Years to an Older Property

Older properties are found in abundance across Melbourne. Also, aging properties start to develop problems at the foundation level. These problems can cause structural integrity concerns. Also, in addition to structural integrity concerns, cracking walls, uneven flooring, and many other outcomes are results of foundation problems.

So many older properties get demolished and rebuilt over time due to these foundation issues. However, restumping can be a much safer, cheaper, and quicker solution for older properties across the city. When you hire a professional restumping contractor in Melbourne, the work will add many years to the property’s life. Also, delaying the need for restumping only worsens the problem.

Foundations Get Weaker Over Time for Older Properties

Older properties across Melbourne and most of Australia had a certain way of building. Foundations across most properties were stood on wooden stumps. These wooden stumps have a normal lifespan of around 60-70 years. However, certain problems and circumstances can reduce life dramatically.

Properties near water collection points tend to develop weaker foundations quicker. Also, natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes can damage foundations as well. Older ways of building foundations have worked well. However, technology has given rise to more reliable methods.

A professional survey from a reliable foundation restumping contractor in Melbourne is necessary after a few years. Foundations that get ignored tend to get zero maintenance overtime. This worsens problems speeding up the damaging process.

Aging Homes – Rebuilding or Restumping in Melbourne?

So, what is the best way to go for aging homes in Melbourne? Well, rebuilding takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Homeowners will have to demolish the whole property and then get it rebuilt from the ground up. A new foundation will have to be laid in order for the property to rise.

However, restumping only strengthens the foundations prolonging the life of already existing properties. No other part additional to the foundation of your property is disturbed. Minor maintenance may be required after the restumping process is completed.

Restumping also takes time, effort, and money but nowhere close to rebuilding the whole property. So, if the rest of the property is in acceptable condition, restumping will be the way to go. Select a quality restumping contractor in Melbourne to make your property last much longer.

Foundation Restumping – Stronger, More Reliable Foundation Materials

Restumping is all about replacing broken, damaged, or weakened stumps with new stronger materials. Wooden stumps that have water damage or are now weaker for their age get replaced by materials like steel or concrete. The process involves jacking up the flooring to replace damaged, worn-out stumps.

Your restumping contractor in Melbourne will first take out all the damaged wooden stumps. Restumping is recommended when more than 40% of the stumps are in a weakened state. Also, when more weakened stumps are concentrated in one area, restumping is necessary.

Steel or concrete filling in the stumps ensures proper strength restoration for the foundation. Whether you want to extend the property or make it last much longer, restumping is the perfect service. It will add many years to the property’s overall lifespan.

However, the occupants might have to leave the property for the duration of the process. Also, belongings including furniture and others will have to be removed. The process requires professional attention and proper time allocation to complete in a satisfactory way.

The Need for a Truly Expert Restumping Contractor in Melbourne

Restumping any property’s foundation is a difficult process. Homeowners need to hire an experienced restumping contractor in Melbourne for the process to provide the required results. Also, proper equipment is required to first jack up the property’s flooring and replace the damaged stumps.

Whether your property requires a partial restumping or a full restumping in Melbourne, it is a job for the professionals. Checking previous projects of the restumping contractor is the best way to go.

Also, it is important to allow the restumping contractor proper time and means for the job. When done right, all those structural integrity concerns will be removed bringing new life to any commercial or residential property.

Additionally, some signs that your property needs restumping quickly include:

  • Uneven flooring with indentations at different places
  • Doors and windows not opening and closing properly
  • Cracks appearing on walls even when there have been no natural disasters
  • Too much humidity and moisture around the foundation of your property
  • Visible damage to the foundation stumps
  • Your restumping contractor observing the damage to foundation stumps

Cost vs. Benefit – Preparing for the Longer Term

The cost of a restumping project will vary depending on the nature of the problem. Partial restumping where only a few stumps need replacement will be cheaper. Comparatively, full restumping where all the stumps need to be replaced with concrete or solid steel will be more expensive.

Estimates can only be provided after a visit from a professional restumping contractor in Melbourne. Fort Knox Foundations will send out a team to assess the damage and offer recommendations based on the state of your property’s foundation.

However, whatever money and time you need to spend will be good for the life of your property. When damaged or weakened wooden stumps are replaced with stronger materials, the cost is justified fully. Also, these new stronger materials like solid steel and concrete add many decades to the life of your property. A full restumping job will add many decades to the lifespan of any property.


The structural integrity of any property depends largely on the condition of the foundation. When you have more than 40% of the foundation stumps damaged or worn out, the property is susceptible to long-term damage. Cracks in walls and eventual collapse can all be predicted for homes with bad foundations. This is where a restumping contractor in Melbourne can help.

Fort Knox Foundations offers high-quality foundation strength restoration with our professional restumping services. We have more than a decade of experience offering the best foundation strength restoration services. Our restumping contractors in Melbourne are available for a quick visit any day of the week. Hire our services to add many years of life to your property with foundation restumping.

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