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Restumping 101: Covering the When, Why, and How of Raising Your Home’s Foundation

Foundations are really significant for your property’s structural integrity. Even the slightest problem with the foundations cannot be ignored. The whole weight of the property rests on the foundations. Also, older properties that have wooden stumps are more prone to damage and loss of structural integrity. It is important to know when your property’s foundations are in need of a restumping fix.

How the restumping contractor in Melbourne deals with the problem, also plays a vital role. A proper restumping service will replace the old broken, or damaged stumps with stronger fresh ones. Also, the material of those new stumps will have an impact on their life going forward. So, if you are looking for more information on restumping and why or when your property needs it, be sure to read through.

How to Tell If Your Property Needs Restumping?

There can be many problems with your property’s foundations. However, not all of them will require a restumping contractor in Melbourne. Some problems can also be solved by reblocking and underpinning. However, some unique foundation issues will only be fixed by a restumping service.

Some things to note include:

  • Uneven Flooring – One of the most obvious signs of damaged foundation stumps is uneven flooring. Your foundations will definitely need restumping if this is the problem. If there are indentations in your flooring at different places, it is a sign of an uneven floor problem.
  • Visibly Decaying Foundation Stumps – When you have foundation stumps that are decaying and you can spot them, a restumping job is in order. Around 20% of the stumps that are decaying indicate a restumping contractor requirement.
  • Misaligned or Not Fully Closing Windows or Doors – Another sign that can indicate foundation problems that need restumping is doors and windows misalignment. This is also related to uneven flooring but is easier to spot and notice.
  • Excessive Dampness Around the Foundation – If there is excessive dampness or humidity always to be seen around the foundation, it is a sign of water damage. You might have water leaking into the foundation. For older properties with wooden foundations, this will be a problem requiring restumping.
  • Visible Cracks in the Walls of the Property – When you start seeing visible cracks in the walls without there being a natural disaster like an earthquake, the problem is with the foundation of the property. It will require a proper restumping contractor in Melbourne for a fix.
  • Post-Flood Damage to Foundation Stumps – If there has been a severe flood or too much rain in your area, wooden stumps can get damaged. The first sign will be water or moisture around the foundation. Be sure to schedule a restumping contractor appointment if this is the case.

Why Restumping Is a Better Option?

Bad foundation stumps can cause real problems. From cracking walls, uneven flooring, doors and windows not closing properly to full structural integrity loss for properties, there are many things that can go wrong. The worst scenarios have seen properties come down as well.

However, foundation restumping in Melbourne ensures all of that doesn’t happen. It will add strength and reliability to your property’s foundation and make it much more stable. Concrete or steel foundations tend to last very long as well while keeping the property standing tall as well.

Cheaper and Quicker Than Demolishing and Rebuilding

Demolishing a property just for the condition of its foundation is never a good idea. If the overall condition is decaying, demolishing might be worth it. But that takes a fair bit of time and also you need to spend much time and money on rebuilding the property.

Instead, if a trusted restumping contractor like Fort Knox Foundations can help restore the strength, it will be a much cheaper and better-suited option. Restumping also needs a bit of time but doesn’t compare with rebuilding the whole property.

How Do We Provide Restumping for Foundations in Melbourne?

Foundation restumping is a complete process where all of the damaged and weakened stumps are replaced with newer stronger materials. Usually, steel stumps or concrete ones are used that are much stronger than wooden stumps. Older properties that have wooden stumps, will need restumping in 60-70 years in the ideal scenarios. This time can be shortened drastically depending on several factors.

  • Damage Assessment – A quality foundation restumping contractor will always assess the damage first. If the damaged stumps are congested in one area or are more than 20-30% of the overall stumps, a restumping job is in order.
  • Jacking Up the Property – When you agree to the restumping project, our contractors will jack up the flooring at a suitable level. This level is usually where the old stumps can be removed and new ones can be inserted.
  • Removing Damaged Stumps – Next, all the broken, damaged, and weakened stumps are removed. The process is slow and requires heavy machinery to do the work.
  • Restumping with Stronger Materials – Once the damaged or weakened stumps are out, new ones are laid in place. Usually, concrete or steel is used for new stumps. The restumping process will ensure proper strength and reliability for the foundation.

How Long Does Restumping Take?

A popular question that is on many people’s minds is how long restumping takes. There is no one answer that fits all for this one. The time your property’s restumping process will take depends on the nature of the problem. Also, how many stumps need replacing will affect the timescale. Additionally, how easy are the stumps to get to will make it quicker or longer as well. So, the best way of finding out the time it will take is to get experts at your property and fully assess the situation before giving you an estimate.

Final Words

Any property’s foundation will be responsible for carrying all its weight. Over time, many property owners build new rooms or add more weight to them. Also, aging and deterioration will cause foundation stumps to lose their strength over time.

In Melbourne, Fort Knox Foundations is one of the best foundation restumping specialists. We offer the best solutions to bring the strength back to your property’s foundation. Our services are available for residential properties and also commercial buildings. Call us today and get your quotation or fill out our form here on the website to find out more at any time.

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