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We are a well-known foundation repair company in Melbourne specialising in restumping, reblocking, underpinning, house levelling and subfloor repair contractors services. We are registered builders and possess years of combined experience working within the foundation & subfloor repair industry.

Our aim is to provide focused and specialist foundation repair services. Fort Knox Foundation prides itself on being an expert services provider throughout Melbourne and its suburbs.

We have worked on numerous properties to deliver services and satisfy clients as a bespoke company that is gaining the trust of Melbourne’s people with our hard work. We only want and provide the best as we care for your house! Whether it's foundation repairing or re-levelling of the subfloors, we have a team that would handle all your problems by combining their knowledge and proficiency.

Once you acknowledge our service, we're sure that there is no other company you want to go to for foundation repair. This is more than just a job for us, as we are a family-owned and run business we know how important it is to ensure the family's safety. Thus we only hire proficient foundation repair specialists who are committed to delivering better results than expected. Having these many years of experience, we know and use the best quality Australian-made materials.



A range of soil-related concerns, the most frequent of which is water, cause substantial structural damage to foundations. A surplus of water from broken or leaking subterranean pipes, pooled water, or poor drainage erodes or expands the soil, whereas a lack of water from tree root transpiration shrinks it. There you need to hire a foundation repair in Melbourne to fix all these issues.

A foundation contractor in Melbourne like the Fort Knox Foundation will employ the right equipment and materials to ensure your foundation is repaired properly because it's a renowned business known for honest work.


When you're looking for a foundation repair contractor, Fort Knox Foundation delivers excellence beyond what other foundation contractors can. Our installers provide high standards of quality, great customer service, knowledge, experience, and expertise to tackle any type of foundation repair. Businesses and homeowners can benefit extensively from experienced installation and foundation repair for their homes or business.

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